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People say moments like this are like ripping off a plaster. The problem is that underneath the plaster, there's still quite a lot of shit.

Alyssa is the one of the main protagonists of the popular television show, The End of the F***ing World.


She born on 12 July 2000. When she was 2 years old, her parent divorced and her father, Leslie, left. Despite this, Alyssa still holds on to a good impression of her father (mainly due to the many birthday cards she had received from him, which were later revealed to have actually come from her mother), while her relationship with her mother, whom she lives with, deteriorates. Her mother eventually remarried to an mentally abusive man named Tony, who Alyssa hates very much. At the beginning of the series, he encourages her to leave her family and also tries to convince her that her family doesn't need her, and she runs away with James.


Alyssa, bored and skeptical of normal people, targets James, an outcast, to be her new boyfriend.

James asks Alyssa on a date and they go to a diner, but it fails because she curses at the waiter. Unknown to Alyssa, James thinks he is a psychopath and actually plans to kill Alyssa.

They go to James' house. Alyssa asks about James' mom, and he lies to her, saying that she lives in Japan. Alyssa meets James' dad. James' dad is glad he found a girl, because he thought James might be "gay or something". Alyssa retorts his assumption that they're together. At a party, her stepfather Tony suggests that if she hates their life, she should just leave.

She goes to James' house and convinces him to run away with her. He agrees and they steal James' dad's car and go. While trying to have sex in the moving car, they end up crashing it into a tree, the car later exploding. They hitchhike from a seemingly nice man, who had served in the war and wants to buy a fighting dog. The man brings them to a restaurant. While the man is ordering their food, Alyssa tells James that he is the worst kind of man, since he has killed men and buys dogs to kill other dogs. James defends the man and has a mini argument with Alyssa. Alyssa storms outside only to decide to apologize.

Both James and the man who picked them up, go into the restroom together, Alyssa follows and confirms her suspicions as she intervenes his attempt on grabbing James' penis. She blackmails him and steals his wallet. Alyssa tells James that he shouldn't let other people do things he doesn't want them to do to him. They stay at an inn with a double bed for double sex. Alyssa cries in the bathroom, which makes James think twice about killing her. Alyssa tells James she's going to the vending machine, but she actually calls her house. Her step-dad answers, but won't let her talk to her mom. Back at the room, they go to sleep, James cuddling Alyssa.

After that they go break into some guy's house and drink his alcohol and use his china, then they dance. Alyssa attempts to give James a blowjob, but James wasn't into it so Alyssa left and met Topher. Alyssa and Topher begin to have sex but then Alyssa changes her mind and tells Topher to leave as she felt like she wasn't in the mood anymore. Topher obliges her wishes and leaves sulking, while Alyssa thinks about how sex can be either the best or the worst experience and falls asleep. As the night fell, Alyssa is discovered by Clive, the house owner, asleep in his bed. At first, he is unsettled by finding a teenager in his home, but soon uses the situation to his advantage and attempts to make her another one of his murder-rape victims. Clive didn't notice James under the bed, and while Clive attempts to rape Alyssa, he is stabbed in the neck by James. Clive gets up and then falls to the ground, dead.

They try to hide their tracks with a bleach clean-up but accidentally leaves behind Topher's wallet, linking him to the scene of the crime. James and Alyssa change their appearances; Alyssa dyes her hair blonde and James cuts his hair.

They go to the diner. Alyssa starts to get scared of James so she leaves him. While separated, the pair better reflect upon who they are and what they want. James goes to report the murder but ends up reporting his mom's suicide. He decides he isn't a psychopath after all.

They reunite and go to Alyssa's dad's house. They stop for gas and for Frodo, who doesn't like his life. Alyssa then encourages him to do something about it. Frodo then wants to go with them but they ditch him. They go to Leslie's trailer and they meet him. They go out to drink, but Debbie appears to tell Leslie the kids are wanted by the police. Alyssa and James go up and finds out that Alyssa has another brother which visibly upsets her. Leslie kills a dog which James and Alyssa bury, along with Leslie's jacket and then they spend the night on the beach. When they get home, they realize that Leslie has found out about the murder and the reward. Leslie tells Alyssa that he never sent her cards. Alyssa stabs Leslie in the knee and tries to escape from the police with James. James, showing his care, hits her with the back of the gun and runs away. Several gunshots are fired.


Alyssa is shown to be quite a confident, stubborn and sometimes an explicit young woman, who has a taste for adventure and is essentially bored of life. Even before she meets James, she tells us about her reckless behavior towards other people around her, explaining that she threw a chicken kiev at her step-father's head after he told her to get a bigger bra size as well publicly smashing her own phone in retaliation after her friend in front of her had sent a message instead of simply talking to her. However, this could have been from how she was raised.

When she meets James, Alyssa is first intrigued by him and his personality difference from other "normal" people.

Physical Appearance

When introduced, Alyssa has medium length brown hair, pale skin with freckles across her face and blue eyes. In the first few episodes, she is seen wearing an outfit consisting of a grey shirt, a red cardigan, and blue jeans with sneakers. In some scenes, she is shown wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and her beige jacket.

However in episode 4 "Deafening Silence", Alyssa decides to change her appearance after having to run from the government. She had James dye her hair blonde and cut it short with bangs. She changes her clothing style to pink, white and blue floral dress and a beige jacket.



  • "Last week he said he thought I needed a bigger bra, so I threw a Chicken Kiev at his head." - Episode 1, Season 1.
  • "Jack looks like a potato." - Episode 2, Season 1.
  • "A double room, with a double bed, for double sex." - Episode 3, Season 1.
  • "You can get stuck in a place and not even realize it. If you're not careful, you can get stuck there forever." – Episode 8, Season 2.
  • "I used to feel like I knew myself. But for a while now, I don't think I've been properly in my body." – Episode 8, Season 2.
  • “Oh yeah go get Marvin, see if Marvin can make a banana split for me, you fucking cunt.” - Episode 1, Season 1
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