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Bonnie has had previous trauma in her life due to her abusive mother, the reason for which her father leaves. She is the overall secondary antagonist in the TV Series, 'The End of the F***ing World' serving as the main antagonist in the second series.

A new character is introduced on the first episode of Season 2. Bonnie goes to a gas station, when she see's an old friend of hers from university. ¨What have you been up to?" her old friend says. Bonnie replies with a rather strange answer. ¨Prison. I killed someone; on purpose ¨. Her old friend, Ray thinks its a joke, and laughs. Bonnie then asks for a pocket knife, pays with drugs and leaves. Bonnie then goes to her car, opening her glove box. She then takes out one of Clive Kochs books from season one, with a picture of Alyssa Foley. Behind it was a gun. Bonnie claims she learnt about punishment at a young age. Her mother, wanted her to go to university; only because she couldn't. If Bonnie missed a question, her mother would feel as if ´ she got punched in the face.´ Bonnie then goes to her room, to see her giraffe plush cut open. Bonnie's mother would always put her first. She would serve cod every dinner, because she claims its ´ good for synapses ´. Bonnie's father would spend quite a lot of time in their garden. When Bonnie was 17, her father lost his job. He didn't want them to know, so he would get in his car, every morning and drive around until it was time for him to come home. When Bonnie's mother found out, she was quite upset. Really upset. So one day, Bonnie's father packed his bags, and left saying he was ¨ going for milk¨. He never came back. Bonnie's mother said they were better off without him, but Bonnie would hear her mother crying on some nights. Soon, her mother found out that Bonnie had lipstick. She referred people that wear lipstick as ´hookers´ and said they dont pass exams. So as a punishment, she made Bonnie eat it. Bonnie would also get bullied at school. So one day, she cut off a girls braid for calling her ¨ fu**ing weirdo¨ She got suspended. Then, her grades were mailed to her. She failed every single exam, but she told her mother that she had gotten all A´s. She then went to university; to work. One day, when someone was returning a book, he asked Bonnie if she went to school here as well. She lied, and said yes. She then went to a class; Clive Kochs class, to be exact. One day, he noticed Bonnie. He knew that she wasn't from his class, so he got suspicious. He soon finds out that she just worked here. He then proceeded to tell her that people earn the right to come to his class; and she hasn't. She gets angry, and decides to get revenge. She gets his books and posters, and rubs human poop all over it; her poop. Clive then decides to let her take his class in one condition; she has a drink with him every week. She agreed. When she got to his home, Clive seduced her. After what they did together, he told her ¨ I could fall in love with you.¨ Then he gave her money for a taxi to go home. Bonnie was desperate for his love, so they continued meeting up. The following time they met up, Bonnie asked if the love has happened. Clive replied with ¨nearly¨. He rushes her out of his house. Once she leaves, it turns out that he was a rapist. He was watching a tape of him hurting girls. One day at the university, Bonnie claims that someone wants to be her boyfriend, when Clive sees that, he goes up to her, whispering ¨I want to take some pictures of you¨. Bonnie asks when, and he said the next day. She was desperate, so she went to visit him that day. When she goes to the house, she sees him with another girl; from the university. When she leaves, she grabs a rock and smashes a car window. Clive see´s this. So they go inside to talk. Clive claims that the girl wanted to talk about her exams, and she ´forced him into it´. She believes it, so she finds the girl, and runs her over. She then gets sent to jail. The first thing that gets sent to her, is one of Clives books. There was something written inside it; ¨ It happened. I love you. My little salmon¨. So, she sent him letters every single day. At that time, James and Alyssa Foley broke in. She then got mail, which was not Clives hand writing. She then finds out he got murdered by James and Alyssa. When she got out of jail, she was planning on revenge.

She then goes to Alyssa´s house, finding out that she doesn't live there anymore. So she tries hunting both Alyssa and James, and trying to threaten them by sending them bullets with their names on it. Unfortunately, Alyssa's name was spelled wrong. So, after James and Alyssa and what they did, Bonnie pretended to be a hitch hiker, and James and Alyssa picked her up. Before she got in, she stabbed James car tire with her pocket knife. She then tries killing them, multiple times. But instead, she kills the man that was hitting on her when she was trying to keep them busy. After all that, they all get separated. Bonnie finds the cafe Alyssa works at, and threatens her with a gun. Bonnie not knowing James is there, he calls the police for them to check in. When the police arrives, he finds out Bonnie had a gun. So, when she found James, they were so close to being killed. She asked them why they killed him. They told Bonnie that he tried to rape and hurt Alyssa. She didn't believe them, so they asked her what she would do after all this? She didn't know, so she tried to shoot herself. Alyssa and James kept her from hurting herself, then the police got there. Bonnie then pleaded guilty, and got sent back to prison.