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Professor Clive Koch was a university professor, serial rapist/killer and love interest for Bonnie. He first appeared and died in Season 1, later making a flashback appearance in the first episode of Season 2.

Early Life[]

Little is known about Clive's childhood aside from the fact that he grew up with his mother. It is unknown whether his father is alive or dead.

It is known that Clive Koch was a professor at a university teaching philosophy. He lived in a house in a somewhat secluded part of town where not many people lived, which was useful to him as he was a serial rapist as proven by the video camera and Polaroid pictures he took of his victims discovered by James.


Clive Koch was dating Bonnie, a librarian at the university he taught at, starting after she began sneaking into his classes. When he caught her, Clive berated Bonnie for coming to his classes without being enrolled. After Bonnie smeared her excrement over both his poster and book in anger, Clive made a deal with her that she could keep coming to the class if she would come to his house for a drink once a week. Bonnie agreed to stay into the class and get an education. The first visit, Clive seduced Bonnie, with the intent of raping her if she refused his advances. One day, Bonnie witnessed Clive having a drink with and attempting to rape another student. Enraged at his infidelity, she smashed his car window and confronted him. Clive lied to Bonnie, stating the woman came to discuss her exam scores and made advances onto him, but will make accusations against him, which Bonnie naively believed. This led to Bonnie killing the woman by hitting her with her car whilst she was jogging. Bonnie went to prison where Clive sent her a note saying he loved her. Bonnie wrote back expressing her love and feelings towards him only to get it sent back and told of Clive's death. After Bonnie finds out James and Alyssa killed Clive, she sets out to find and murder them.


Clive Koch was murdered (in defense of Alyssa) by James, who used a hunting knife upon Clive’s return to his home in Episode 3. Clive had attempted to rape Alyssa, whom he found sleeping in his bed in his bedroom on the second floor of his house. After killing him, James and Alyssa attempted to clean up his house to remove traces of their presence, and scattered the Polaroids of his rape victims and the camcorder around his body.

His corpse was soon discovered by his mother. In order to protect his reputation, she destroyed some of the evidence of her son's rapes that James and Alyssa had laid out before the police arrived at the scene.

In Season 2, its revealed that James was found not guilty of murdering Koch after a jury agreed that he was acting in defense of another, helped by Koch's videotape.

Prof. Clive Koch's corpse after James killed him (Episode 3).


Prof. Clive Koch is portrayed in the television series, The End of the F***ing World, by actor Jonathan Aris, who is most known for his work as skeptical detective Anderson in the BBC television show, Sherlock.