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The character of Bonnie is introduced, and it is revealed that her cruel and overbearing mother drove her to anti-social behavior. After she fails to get into university, she gets a job at the campus library and pretends she is a student. Bonnie develops an obsession with philosophy professor, Dr. Clive Koch, who discovers that she is not actually a student and bars her from his class.

She then defiles a poster of him and his book, convincing Koch allows her to attend his class again and the two soon begin a sexual relationship. After she shows up unexpectedly at his house one night and finds him with another female student, Koch lies and says the student was trying to ruin his life. In retaliation, Bonnie kills her. While in prison, Bonnie finds out that Koch is dead. Two years later, after being released from prison, Bonnie sets out to get revenge on Alyssa.