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Episode 3 is the third episode of Season 1 of The End of the F***ing World.


Alyssa persuades James that they should hide out by squatting in a house whose owner is away. She wants sex but again he refuses so she picks up a total stranger called Topher but changes her mind and throws him out.


After leaving the hotel, Alyssa argues against buying train tickets to her father's house, internally fearing that he will not recognise or welcome her. The duo break into the spacious and empty house of author Clive Koch. Later that day, Alyssa attempts to give James a blowjob but leaves, angrily, when a picture of Koch puts him off. During her walk, Alyssa meets Topher and brings him to the house, vindictively announcing to James that she will have sex with Topher.

Distraught, he looks around the house and finds Polaroids and a camcorder with footage of victims, revealing Koch to be a serial rapist. Meanwhile, Alyssa becomes disinterested in Topher and stops before intercourse. Topher leaves angrily. While Alyssa is asleep, James tries to kill her, but he cannot because he knows he is falling in love with her. Koch returns home and suspecting a break-in, arms himself; James hides under the bed. When Koch questions Alyssa upon finding her in bed, she lies and says she is alone. Koch becomes malevolent, attempting to rape her. James stabs him in the neck with a knife, killing Koch, and saving Alyssa.