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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Season 1 of The End of the F***ing World.


A flashback to a painful moment from childhood prompts James to change his plans. Out of cash, Alyssa resorts to shoplifting.


At the police station, James changes his mind about reporting Koch's murder and instead describes his mother's suicide as the "murder" he was referring to. In a flashback, his mother, Vanessa, killed herself in front of him eleven years before by driving her car into a pond. Thinking of Alyssa, James leaves the police station and returns to the cafe. Meanwhile, Phil is questioned by Noon and Darego about James, as well as informed about his car. He also confirms the inclusion of Alyssa. They also question Tony, who is rather nonchalant and self-absorbed, before moving to Gwen about Alyssa. Concurrently, Alyssa is caught by Emil, a security officer, while attempting to shoplift clean underwear, but is eventually let go. She returns to the cafe to find James waiting. Although without money, both reconcile and decide to go to Leslie. Meanwhile, investigators find James's knife at Koch's house.