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Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Season 1 of The End of the F***ing World.


As Alyssa reconnects with her dad, a worried James faces a dilemma. Eunice and Teri clash over the best way to approach the teens.


James gives Alyssa and Leslie space while they reconcile with each other. Leslie is revealed to be a drug dealer, as well as a non-conforming individual himself. Meanwhile, Tony, Gwen and Phil are emotionally shaken after being shown CCTV footage of the petrol station robbery. Both Darego and Noon plan for the police to stakeout Leslie's former residence, assuming that both have not arrived. On the drive to Leslie's former residence, it becomes clear that Darego's law-abiding morality and stubbornness are clashing against Noon's open-minded and sympathetic morals. As Alyssa and Leslie reconnect at a nearby bar, James begins feeling distant to Alyssa. At Leslie's former residence, Debbie denies seeing the duo or knowing Leslie's whereabouts to Noon and Darego. She goes to the bar to demand support for their illegitimate son, Milton. When questioned by Alyssa, Leslie takes off in his truck, running over a dog in the process. Although he has killed many animals before, James is unable to euthanise it with a rock; Alyssa does it instead. Bitter, Debbie reveals to Noon Leslie's location, later, and she drives there without Darego. Leslie sees a news report about Alyssa and James on the television.