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Episode 8 is the eighth episode of Season 1 of The End of the F***ing World.


Eunice goes rogue, Leslie shows his true colors, and Alyssa and James plan their escape - but soon realize they're out of time.


James and Alyssa bury the dog at the beach, then passionately and sincerely make out. At dawn, ruminating about their current situation, they decide to take the boat owned by Leslie and leave the country. When they ask Leslie for the boat keys, he reveals to them his knowledge of their crime then secretly calls 999 and tries to induce their confession. James deduces this and confesses while taking the blame upon himself. Noon, listening in, arrives at the scene and tries to convince both to be willingly arrested for manslaughter while Leslie tries to convince Alyssa to let James be arrested instead.

Alyssa asks Noon if she were to go with her idea, would James and her still be together. When Noon tells that that would be unlikely, Alyssa knocks her out with Leslie's shotgun, takes his boat keys and runs to the boat with James, only to find that the tide had gone out. With the police armed response unit closing in, James knocks Alyssa down with the gun in an attempt to take all the blame and runs across the beach. In a voiceover, James claims that he has realized what people mean to each other. A gunshot is heard as the scene fades to black.