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Dread can start as a small thing. It's so quiet, you can pretend not to hear it.

But it gets loud. Really loud. And you can't ignore it anymore.

James is a 17 year old male and the main protagonists in The End of the F***ing World. He is the current boyfriend ofAlyssa and the son of the late Phil and Vanessa. He lives with his father, and he used to self identify as a psychopath. James has a lasting fantasy of punching his dad. One day, he meets Alyssa and they embark on an adventure that will change the rest of their lives.

James and Alyssa steal James's dad's car and venture around England with the ultimate goal of finding Alyssa's father. Along the way, they stop at an abandoned house and stay there for the night. The owner, Clive Koch, comes home and find Alyssa in his bed. Attempting to make Alyssa another one of his murder-rape victims, he is stabbed in the neck by James who was hiding under the bed.

This sets up an investigation by the police; more specifically, Eunice and Teri, two detectives with a complicated past. While on the run, James and Alyssa part ways for some time and while on their own they learn more about who they are and what they want. They join together on the final step of their journey, meeting Alyssa's father. Once they are found by the cops, James and Alyssa make an attempt at an escape, but James, wanting to protect Alyssa, strikes her with the butt of his gun and runs away from the armed forces. With a detained Alyssa screaming after him, he runs along the beach as two shots misses and a third one is fired and the season ends.


When James was young, his mum killed herself by driving into a lake.

Personality (Netflix Series)

Season 1

In season 1, James describes himself as a 'psychopath'. He believes this because he doesn't feel emotion and is plagued by thoughts of killing people and animals. He has killed many animals and believes he would want to kill a human but isn't sure who. A girl named Alyssa starts talking to him, and he thinks she is the perfect candidate. This follows his trait of letting things happen. He pretends to be in love with her so he can get her alone and kill her. While James is quiet but strange, Alyssa is very loud and stubborn. He lies to Alyssa frequently, telling her his mother lived in Japan while he actually was dead, and saying he had given oral sex to a girl when he had not. When Alyssa asks James to run away with him, he again agrees and he punches his Dad in the face and takes the car and goes. James had previously dreamt of doing that but never did until he bet Alyssa. While on the road with Alyssa, he thinks about killing her frequently, but never really does. He always agrees to whatever she wants, even when she asked to have sex in a moving car. The sex in the car idea did not go well and the car crashed and caught fire.

Season 2


Season 2:

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